Painting by Bernard Plockhorst

Picture this: adoring fans lining the street throwing flowers onto the roadway ahead of the motorcade which carries the most famous celebrity in the land.

Can you see it? Can you hear the shouts and whoops? Hear thousands chanting his name? See the snapping of tens of thousands of pictures?

Got the scene in your mind? That’s the scene on Palm Sunday. Which is today. It is the day we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry, when He rode into Jerusalem as the Messiah, atop a donkey, signifying His humility. His path took Him down the Mount of Olives and through the…

Person holding basketball under basketball goal as sun sets.
Person holding basketball under basketball goal as sun sets.
Photo by Chrofit theman to call from Pexels

*thump* A basketball bounces off a rubber rec center floor.

*clang* that same ball glances off the rim.

*thump* *thump*

*thud* it bounces off the backboard.

The scene is a junior college rec center where a scrawny young freshman is practicing. He is a physical education major intent on being a high school PE teacher and coach. Standing in his way is passing the skills portion of the basketball course. He is not gifted athletically and has been a couch potato homeschooled student, so he knows that he will not pass the test through luck or natural talent. …

Man with horns, red skin.
Man with horns, red skin.
Photo by Максим Власенко on Unsplash

How we often give the devil more than his due.

We’ve all heard this one (or maybe even said it): “The devil made me do it!” Whether it's sleeping in on Sunday or cursing another driver on the freeway or losing our temper with our spouse, Satan gets a lot of credit for our bad behavior.

But did the devil really make you do it?

Short answer: probably not.

Long Answer: No, the devil didn’t but he can influence us to make bad choices.

First, who is the devil?

In Christian theology, he is also known as Satan and Lucifer. He is an angel of…

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“Why do you even bother trying? You’ll never be good enough.”

That is the most oft-repeated refrain whispered to me by the intruder in my mind. That intruder is named Depression. My brain doesn’t make enough serotonin which causes my thoughts, emotions, and my whole functioning are thrown off. It’s like someone has drained the colors from the world. Everything looks dull, lifeless, and gray. And that’s how I feel too. Feeling upbeat and hopeful are difficult, and at times, impossible. I’m tired and lethargic. I have things that I want to do but can’t bring myself to actually get…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you were to ask a typical American, they would likely answer yes. Even some wonderful Christians are likely to agree with that statement. However, it is NOT a biblical idea. There is no basis for it in Scripture. Jesus didn’t say it. Neither did any of the prophets or the disciples. So where did this ubiquitous saying come from?

Digging into its history, “God helps those who help themselves” was popularized by none other than Benjamin Franklin in the 1757 edition of his Poor Richard’s Almanac, though its origin likely dates back even further to 1698 where it can…

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

My dad is just your average working-class American dad. A child of the late Boomer generation, he is the son of a coal miner and a farmer’s daughter. He is the eldest of 3 sons and began working in his teens, chasing the American dream. He and my mom were introduced by a mutual friend, and after a few years of dating, they were married. That was 1986. Two years later, I made my appearance. Growing up, everything seemed normal. It was not until my teenage years that I began to see the imperfections. And once I saw the first…

My first Medium paycheck

I joined Medium about 2 months ago, as a place to share my old blog posts for extra exposure. (Shhh… don’t tell the admins!) But I have quickly begun to post other things on here as well, things I don’t always put onto my blog, as well as responding to other authors. Medium has become a place where I can share my thoughts, read the thoughts of others, and interact with them.

A few weeks ago, I typed out a decent length post about the disciple Thomas, infamously named Doubting Thomas. The post was about doubts…

A mostly spoiler-free look at when a favorite series ends.

About six years ago I was on vacation from work and I decided to check out this TV series that I’d heard about. I saw the advertisements in Walmart where I worked and thought it looked interesting. I didn’t recognize anybody in it except Sean Bean a.k.a. the man who dies in everything. So, I walked one block over from my parents’ house to our local movie store and rented the first two discs of season one. Later that same day I came back and rented all of season one…


All of us have them.

We wonder if our efforts at work are being noticed. If we made the right career choice or if our college degree was worth it. Are we meeting our spouse or significant other’s needs? Am I setting a good example for my children?

Photo Credit: Pexels

Personally, I have multiple levels of doubt. I wonder about all of the above, plus wondering if I’m having a positive impact on the world as a Christian. I question my ability as a writer, both to write blog posts and articles that are engaging and truthful and also my ability…

Finding Christ in the Buddha:
My visit to a Buddhist Meditation Center

As a part of my seminary World Religions and Missions course, we are required to visit the worship service of another religion, in order to experience their spiritual practices, and also to talk with them and build a connection. The goal is to put a human face on Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. in order to better understand the people who practice these religions so that we can be effective missionaries of the Gospel to them. But evangelism is NOT a part of the assignment, only observation and research.

Cody Welborn

I am a husband, nerd, writer, and blogger, out to make the world a brighter place by showing love & sharing God's story through my story.

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